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Not only in Nepal, doctors in the US are also stressed out now

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Dr Ramu Kharel, from Nepal, is currently based in Georgia, the US. He is busy taking care of the patients infected with coronavirus at a local hospital’s emergency ward. OnlineKhabar recently talked with Kharel about his experience of being in the front line of treating coronavirus patients, security measures required for the health workers during this time and what Nepal learn from the experiences of people like him.


What are the stages a patient infected with coronavirus has to

go through for treatment?

When a patient comes to our emergency department, we first measure their temperatures, then look at other symptoms followed by a series of questions. If they show relatable symptoms, they are called “persons under investigations” and we give them a surgical mask. Based on their symptoms, we categorise the patients into different categories with high, medium and minimum risks. They are kept in separate rooms and we take a nasopharyngeal swab [from their nose].

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